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Rayne Catalyst V3 Longboard Deck

EUR 129,95
Rayne Longboards
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The Catalyst longboard deck from Rayne is built as a multi-purpose tech slider deck. It has a size and shape which combined with kicks in both ends makes it great for use in parks and on ramps.

A vertically laminated bamboo core makes the deck strong and light at the same time. Furthermore, a layer of pre-tensioned fibreglass gives it longevity and a supreme pop. The overall shape and sharpness of the edges provides ample grip and board feel.


Deck length:
82.6cm (32.5'')
Deck width:
24.1cm (9.5'')
Deck material:
Additional materials:
Deck features:
Double kicktail
Recommended for:
Freestyle, Cruise, Carving


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