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Powerslide Skates

Powerslide Next Edge 150 Off-Road Skates

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The Next Edge 150 skates are a fresh take on Nordic Skates created by Powerslide.

The unique and adjustable Trinity 3-point frames add in great power-transfer and the possibility to adjust to a personal setup. They are designed with a lower point of balance and the two front mounting points ensure stability and enhanced transfer of energy.

Where the Next Case version features three SUV/Offroad wheels on each frame, this Edge edition provides you with a more clean setup that is also a bit of a world-first, with the first 2-wheeled off-road skate. By only having two wheels on each frame, you effectively lower your rolling resistance, you get a more agile skate that also gives you the benefit of a lower weight all-together.

The heat moldable liners are optimised to provide a great fit and the best control. The MYFIT Recall Dual Fit Liners are padded with memory foam.

Maximum air tyre pressure is 7.0 Bar / 100 PSI.

Compatible parts

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Compatible parts
Wheel Diameter:
Brake Type:
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290 mm
Wheel type:
Air tyre
Roller Ski Type:
Tyre pressure:
Bearing Function:
Free Flowing
Frame Material:
reviews   (12)
SkatePro is a 5 star company to work with. Very friendly.Offroad skates are very slow. On downhills, they are fun and a little scary, but the slowness kicks in and makes steep slopes manageable. Not great on chunky gravel surfaces. Great on smooth gravel or dirt. These 2 wheelers work well. They are great novelty skates to have for the occasional alternative ride. Not every day use for a city guy. Nice to have in your arsenal so things never get boring
Jeremy Burchett (Durham)
Rating: 5 of 5!
I bought the Powerslide Next Edge 150 for fitness reasons. I have 20 acres of trails including up-hills and down-hills and these off-road skates are as advertised. They require some getting used to because of the rubber wheels (tires) and high profile, however after the initial learning curve, they help provide a serious cardio/physical workout. Please note, do not expect these skates to feel or react like street skates, however with a little adjustment to stride technique, using poles, etc. I expect to get many hours of great workouts and fun! Thank you SkatePro for the quick service (4 days)!
Gregory W. Zielinski (Fenton)
Rating: 5 of 5!
I am super happy with these skates. I have wanted off-road skates for years, and I have got to say they are much more fun than I thought. Great product.
Maxime PASTOUREL (Nottingham)
Rating: 5 of 5!
The skates perform very well on rough ground and on sandy paved roads; the traction is very good even if there is loose sand or gravel on asphalt (though all this means significantly reduced speed). In other words, the skates perform as advertised. Compared to a regular inline skate, there are three notable differences. First, the pneumatic wheels have greater rolling resistance even when inflated to maximum pressure of 7 bar, which makes skating physically more demanding (reduced speed, heavier exercise). And second, the skates weigh more, which also makes skating a bit more taxing on leg muscles. If one perceives skating as an exercise, these aspects do not, however, translate into downsides. And third, bigger wheels with greater surface friction against the ground make the skates significantly less manoeuvrable or agile, meaning that one needs to proceed with more planning ahead and mindfulness.
Tomi Nokelainen (Lempäälä)
Rating: 4 of 5!
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