Fuse Delta 125 Combo Knee/Shin/Ankle Pads

EUR 89,95
Fuse Protection

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Fuse combined protection that covers knees, shins and ankles.

Fuse Protection makes protection products that can be used by pro riders to rookies with focus on comfort, durability and performance.

These Delta 125 Combo protectors are made in Duratex neoprene and at the knee areas is used foam under a polyamide soft cap with additional padding for side impacts.

The shin section is built with a hard plastic shield and soft dual foam. And at the ankle the protectors are made of breathable and perforated and tougher Duratex neoprene with EVA foam padding.

On the inside of the pad there is added Sharkskin neoprene acting as gripper to keep the pad from slipping.

These combo protectors has adjustable straps that ensure a good fit.

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Thomas prop (Hoofddorp)
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Hyvin suojaavat kyllä mutta koon puolesta eivät täydelliset, sillä suojien pituus ei ole ilmeisen pitkille jaloilleni sopiva. Tämä aiheuttaa sen, että suojat valuvat liian alas. Joten mikäli omistat pitkät jalat, suosittelen ostamaan polvi- ja säärisuojat erikseen. Itselläni on koon xxl suojat.
Akseli I. (Kolla)
Rating: 3 of 5!