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Enuff Logo SkateboardPlan B Mini Claw Team SkateboardChoke Ice Cream Skateboard
Darkstar Graveyard SkateboardReal Script League SkateboardPlan B Nexus Team Skateboard
Enuff Abstract SkateboardChoke R´n´B SkateboardReal Ooze Oval Skateboard
Darkstar Explode SkateboardPlan B Massive SkateboardEnuff Pyro II Skateboard
Plan B Sheckler Optic Mini SkateboardChoke Jazz SkateboardElement Visuals Twig Skateboard
Krooked Serapeyes Dos SkateboardAntihero Eagle Dead Bleed SkateboardChoke It wasn´t me Skateboard
Element Nyjah In Bloom SkateboardKrooked Racer SkateboardAntihero Torn Skateboard
Globe Street Plank SkateboardGlobe Full On Pakalolo SkateboardGlobe Diablo Skateboard
Santa Cruz Check Dot Blue SkateboardGlobe Banger SkateboardElement Nyjah Chromatic Skateboard
Globe Varsity SkateboardChoke Beer SkateboardElement Section Skateboard
Antihero Rise Above 2 SkateboardGlobe Full On Chromantic SkateboardGlobe Full On Leopard Skateboard
Krooked Krookedrules SkateboardSanta Cruz Landshark Popsicle SkateboardGlobe Full On Camo Skateboard
Globe Full On Dead Flowers SkateboardGlobe Pool Party Joey SkateboardReal SDO Bold Skateboard
Globe Stoneman SkateboardGlobe Pool Party Koala SkateboardPowell Peralta Skull and Snake Skateboard
Powell Golden Dragon Knight Dragon SkateboardPowell Peralta Ripper SkateboardPowell Peralta Skull and Sword Skateboard
Powell Peralta Cab Dragon SkateboardPositiv Santos Lion SkateboardEnuff Logo II Skateboard
Enuff Logo Stain SkateboardGlobe Pool Party Croc Skateboard

Here at SkatePro we have a large assortment of skateboards because it is important to find the right skateboard for your needs and abilities. SkatePro offers complete skateboards, or spare parts for your skateboard. In our shop you can find decks, trucks, wheels and grip tape etc.

Before you buy a skateboard, it is important to be aware of what you need from the skateboard. A longboard suits cruising and carving, while a classic skateboard is designed for tricks and ramps.

Skateboarding is from the West Coast of the United States, where surfers missed to do something on the mainland, and therefore got the idea to put wheels on their surfboard. Subsequently skateboard been developed for many different kinds of skateboard, and is now an endless number of forms.

A skateboard is made up by a deck, which is the part you stand on. Under the deck are there mounted side-by-side wheels at the opposite ends of the deck. Above the deck are there mounted grip tape, which is a kind of sandpaper that helps to stand better and easier onto the skateboard.

Which skateboard should I choose?

If you are unsure about which skateboard to choose, read our skateboard buying guide. Here we review the most common things you should be aware of when buying a skateboard, decks, trucks, bearings and wheels.